Top 3 Reef-Safe sunblock stores on Aruba

Aruba’s sandy white beaches attract tourists from all over the globe. But these beaches wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Aruba’s beautiful coral reefs and the fish that live there. Coral reefs on Aruba face many threats, but there’s something you can do right now to reduce your impact: sart using mineral sunscreen! 

Most available sunscreens use chemicals, such as oxybenzone and benzophenone, to protect your skin against harmful UV radiation from the sun. Unfortunately, these chemicals damage coral reefs and make them more susceptibel to diseases. Mineral sunscreens use minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide instead. These minerals are not harmful to corals and healthier for your skin!

So now that you know, where can you get yourself some mineral sunscreen? We went ahead and made you a top 3 of easily accessible stores that sell mineral sunscreen in Aruba:

#3 Nature’s Discount

Nature’s Discount is a nutrition and health store with multiple locations across the island. A quick Google Search will tell you the location that’s closest to you. They sell a Face and Body mineral sunscreen from Stream2Sea, which smells great and provides good sun protection. It’s a little difficult to apply and may leave a white shade on your skin, but it stays on for a long time and provides great sun protection when being around and in the water. We should note that Nature’s Discount was one of the first stores in Aruba to carry mineral sunscreen!

#2 Aruba Aloe

Aruba Aloe stores can be found inside or near most big hotels and shopping malls. They’re second on our list, since they’re super accessible for anyone and carry a wonderful, locally produced, mineral sunscreen. It’s available in SPF30 and SPF50+, and they even carry a special version for babies! The sunblock smells great, provides good sun protection, and is 80min water resistant. If you’re interested in the production process, we’d recommend paying a visit to the Aruba Aloe Factory, which doubles as a museum. It features a free tour and a beautiful store with all kinds of Aloe products.

#1 Bula Surf Shop @ Royal Plaza, Oranjestad

Bula Surf Shop is furthest away from the hotels, but well worth the drive. At the counter display you’ll find many different types of sports sunblock, and.. Guess what? They’re all mineral sunscreen! Go nuts and find the exact texture, SPF factor and scent you are looking for. They even carry tinted options for those among us who love being in the water but don’t want to reapply all the time. While you’re visiting Bula, you may also want to pick up a nice long-sleeve rash guard for ultimate eco-friendly sun protection.

That’s our top 3 for reef-safe sunblock stores in Aruba! Are you going to pick some up? Or do you still have your doubts? Let us know in a comment below. 

Happy sunbathing!☀️

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