About us

Hi there! We are Fins & Feet Nature Tours, a small, locally owned, private tour company with a strong eco-friendly mindset. We provide hiking and snorkeling experiences and pride ourselves in showing visitors the most beautiful nature spots of Aruba.

Why private tours?
In our free time, we really enjoy exploring hidden nature areas all across the island. What we enjoy the most, is the peace and quiet we find there. We want to share this experience with visitors, but also wish to protect the spots we’ve come to know and love. Private tours provide us with the perfect opportunity to share our knowledge about the sites, without disturbing or damaging our surroundings. We limit group sizes to a max of 6 people, so we can have personal attention for all our guests and allow them to explore at their own pace.

Why eco-friendly?
We share a deep love for Aruba’s nature and wildlife and have seen much of it gone lost through the development of tourism on the island. We wish to be an example for other tour operators, to show that being eco-friendly is achieveable by making small adjustments to common activities. In the light of this mission, we join forces with other organizations, such as Arikok National Park, to explore the possibilities of stimulating eco-friendy, low impact activities in Aruba.

What makes us eco-friendly?
– No engines in nature: First of all, we don’t enter natural areas by any kind of motorized vehicle. We drive to a spot nearby, park the car, and from there on we’re only using our fins or feet. Since Aruba is very dusty, motorized vehicles can kick up dust, which settles on plants and suffocates them. We want to avoid this by all means. Not using engines also makes a big difference for experiencing Aruba’s wildlife, because we won’t have boat- or car-engine noises scaring away animals.

– Minimal waste: Our eco-friendly mindset continues into the smallest details. We buy in bulk as much as possible and – whenever available – choose for products that aren’t wrapped in plastic. This has a nice side-effect, which is that we generally use fresh produce when preparing our food. Good for the environment, and good for you too! During the trip we offer insulated, stainless steel drinking bottles for our guests to use. They keep your water nice and cold, while avoiding single-use plastics.

– Reef-safe mineral sunscreen: Last but not least, we provide reef-safe mineral sunscreen for our guests to use on our snorkeling trips. Most available sunscreens use chemicals, such as oxybenzone and benzophenone, to protect your skin against harmful UV radiation from the sun. Unfortunately, these chemicals are harmful to corals and make them more susceptibel to diseases. Mineral sunscreens use minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide instead. These minerals are not harmful to corals and healthier for your skin!

Why book a trip with us?
Besides having an eco-friendly mindset, we are very much ‘people-person‘s. We enjoy showing our guests a great time and will go out of our way to make it happen. We understand that vacationers just want to relax and enjoy, without having to worry about anything else. When booking a trip with us, you can expect to be pampered! We pick you up, make sure you won’t be hungry or thirsty, provide you with high-quality gear, and make sure you are safe at all times. During our activities we keep a close eye on the experience level of our guests and adapt the hike or snorkel tour accordingly. Whether you’re up for a challenge, or rather take it easy – either way, we’ve got you covered.

How can I book?
Booking is very easy, just click on the button below, pick a tour category (half-day excursions, hiking or snorkeling), and choose your preferred activity and date to reserve it. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us at any time by email (info@finsandfeet.com) or phone (+297 564 4085). We’re also available for chat on Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Message, Whatsapp and Telegram. We look forward to meeting you and showing you around our One Happy Island!

Meet our guides:


With six years experience as a SCUBA dive master and boat captain, Rob has a passion for Aruba’s marine life. He’s helped many people to safely enjoy the ocean, by making them feel comfortable and teaching the ins and outs of safe snorkeling. Rob was born and raised on Aruba and can tell you all about its hidden beauty.


With degrees in ecology and marine biology, Miranka knows a lot about local plants and animals. She’s interested in Aruba’s culture and history and is happy to share what she knows during your Aruban nature experience. As a former high school biology teacher, Miranka is the perfect guide for groups with kids.