Private snorkel excursion including two stops

Swim with sea turtles and admire a beautiful coral reef with with tons of reef fish. It’s just you and your private guide, so we’ll take it at your own pace!

Hike underneath the stars past Aruba’s north coast to watch the sun rise from the ocean at the new natural bridge. Continue along a beautiful nature trail past rock formations and the Bushiribana gold mill ruins, ending at the new natural pool for a refreshing dip.

Hike to Aruba’s famous Natural Pool, take a dip and watch the sun rise from the sea

The view from Arubas Highest Point: Jamanota hill

Climb Aruba’s highest point then cool off at a pristine reef with vibrant marine life

Exploring an Aruban Mangrove Forest with Fins and Feet Nature Tours

Hike through the mangroves at Aruba’s Spanish Lagoon, then snorkel over a pristine coral reef nearby.

The Corona virus has now officially been diagnosed on Aruba, so we find it important to update you on how we are handling the situation within our business. All our tours are completely private (it’s just you and your partner/family/friends) and our activities occur outside in secluded nature areas, where we rarely encounter other people. …

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Aruba’s sandy white beaches attract tourists from all over the globe. But these beaches wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Aruba’s beautiful coral reefs and the fish that live there. Coral reefs on Aruba face many threats, but there’s something you can do right now to reduce your impact: sart using mineral sunscreen!  Most available …

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Look for turtles, starfish and other marine life along Aruba’s beautiful west coast

Come join us for a beautiful hike to the highest point of Aruba! Leave the tourist traps behind and enjoy a stunning view of the island…

Admire ruins, views and stunning nature, as we make our way through Aruba’s famous Spanish Lagoon